DIY Nursery Projects and Photos

By May 21, 2012 DIY Projects No Comments

I just love to work on DIY projects. What’s a better reason than to outfit a nursery….expecting in just 7 weeks.

I decided to re-purpose my sons nursery using the same colors and just add a splash of pink. All I had to do to get started was remove the animal themed stickers.

My first project was the quilt. I found several ideas of quilts I liked and decided to tackle creating my own pattern…I have to say, that I love the way it turned out. I found all the fabric at JoAnn’s fabrics. I’ll add the pattern and DIY quilt pattern at a later date. From start to finish the quilt took me about 3 days. One day to make the pattern about 4 hours, one day to buy the fabric and cut it…about 3 hours, One day 8 hours to sew the quilt.

My next project was to paint the flowers on the nursery wall. I took a pencil to the wall to free hand my design and when it was to my liking I took some wall paint and a paint brush and painted away. It took a bit longer than I had wanted…probably about 6 hours total.

Next project was the crib bumper, I decided that it was much more economical to just recover a used crib bumper. I found one online for $3 and thought that was not too bad. After I washed it, I went about recovering the bumper with 2 different colored fabrics. Strip on the inside and the large pink pattern on the outside. I matched up the fabric and created 2 really long strips of fabric…after I had those pieced together, I went about sewing it together and then created binding similar to binding for the baby quilt. I would make it a bit wider next time…would make it much easier to sew over.

Next project was the crib skirt. This was pretty easy too – I just recovered my son’s and made a quick ruffle skirt. This one took just a couple of hours.

Next project was the striped curtains. These took a bit longer because I wanted them lined, don’t know other than getting the fabric lined up just so why it took me so long. I had some white remnant fabric laying around the house that ended up working perfect.

I finally got the curtains hung today. Now, I’m really happy to share the final product. I know that there will be many finishing touches that are yet to come…but overall pretty happy with all my DIY projects.

Just love the results