What a beautiful evening and an adorable family I got to meet on Sunday. I just enjoyed talking to all of them and especially mister 5-year old Kale who was such a cutie pie. He told me all about his kindergarden teacher, his mom’s favorite colors, his favorite colors and so much more that a 5-year-old boy just loves to share. Something about that age – wow to they love to talk. How fun, something I love so much is getting to meet new families.

Sometimes these families are anxious about family photos – and have been putting them off as they can be nervous about how their kids are going to react to the photographer. But hey, that’s my job to engage the little ones, and make it enjoyable and move quickly for the parents.

I think these guys did a great job and mom did a fantastic job styling the session. I just love the matching mom and daughter converse kicks. I want some for me an my mini me Hannah. So adoable!!!

Enjoy this fun family session.

Josie Malecha Family Photography Northfield MN
Josie Malecha Family Photography Northfield MN

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