Wedding Photography | Landberg Wedding

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I remember when my cousin Ray was born, wow – that was a long time ago…and to attend his wedding and see him so happy what a blessing. It was so fun seeing all of our family come together to support this fun couple on their special day.

I wanted to capture as many great images of the day, I love photography and capturing photos at a families wedding is a great way to get in even more practice. I was getting myself prepped and ready for the wedding that I had booked for the following weekend. So much different being on first – but I really enjoyed my time and the day carrying around my giant camera. Its fun to have family comment – and one of my cousins totally has camera envy – I let him take a couple of pics with my camera – so fun to share my passion with my family.

Well, congrats to Raymond and Danielle – you guys are an awesome couple and I wish you all the best.

Wedding Photography 2015-12-01_0001.jpg
Wedding Photography 2015-12-01_0009.jpg
Wedding Photography 2015-12-01_0010.jpg
Wedding Photography 2015-12-01_0011.jpg
Wedding Photography 2015-12-01_0012.jpg
Wedding Photography 2015-12-01_0007.jpg
Wedding Photography 2015-12-01_0006.jpg
Wedding Photography 2015-12-01_0004.jpg
Wedding Photography - first dance picture 2015-12-01_0003.jpg
Wedding Photography - Groom and Mom Dance2015-12-01_0014.jpg